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HostYourMenu offers bars and restaurants the chance to have a professional website for a reasonable price. This allows you to list foods and drinks offered, allow customers to view the full menu, advertise, and even get information about the establishment such as address, or a phone number to call for reservations if necessary.

Social Networking is Huge for Bars & Restaurants
Make your bar or restaurant visible on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, & More

Easy Integration with Social NetworkingSocial Networking has become a huge part of marketing in today's society and having the ability to fully integrate with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & More so your visitors can easily click the "like" button and tell their Facebook friends about your site or "tweet" the link to their followers on Twitter is very important. HostYourMenu.com provides you the opportunity to connect with customer online. You can even embed YouTube videos on your website as easily as copying and pasting from YouTube to your site editor!
Click the "Like" button, the "Tweet This" button, or the "Add This" button at the top right of this page for an example and a list of complete networks that are currently integrated.

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Once you sign up for a HostYourMenu account, you will be emailed a username and password to log in and begin editing your web site. Include useful information for your visitors like:
  • Restaurant Name / Bar Name
  • Restaurant Contact Information / "Contact Us" form
  • Bar or Restaurant Hours
  • Pictures, Videos, Text
  • Full Menu with Specials or Coupons
  • Restaurant or Bar Logo
  • Comments from Customers
  • And More (Add as many pages as you wish!)